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From Kirkus Reviews:
“An unflinching study of parenthood . . . convincing,
Franzen-style realism . . . . A powerful domestic novel.”

Lucy Ferriss’s The Lost Daughter delivers the goods: flawed but sympathetic cha racters and a plot that will keep readers turning the pages voraciously.  From its harrowing prologue to its final sentences, I was emotionally engaged with this fine novel. Ferriss is a masterful storyteller.
--Wally Lamb, author of  I Know this Much is True and Wishin' and Hopin'                                  
The Lost Daughter is a complex, engaging novel about guilt, secrecy, and the mysteries of family. Lucy Ferriss is a courageous and 
thought-provoking writer.
--Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers and The Abstinence Teacher
This achingly beautiful novel about marriage and love, pulsing with complex life, is the work of a master American realist, up there with Richard Yates or anyone else. With spell-binding attentiveness and intimacy it explores what a husband and wife can be sure they know about each other but also, in prose wearing night-vision glasses, the inaccessible places where the hidden past lies threateningly coiled, and which love must also find a way to reach.
--Francisco Goldman, author of Say Her Name
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Brooke O’Connor—elegant, self-possessed, and kind—has a happy marriage and a deeply loved young daughter. So her adamant refusal to have a second child confounds her husband, Sean. When Brooke’s high school boyfriend Alex—now divorced and mourning the death of his young son—unexpectedly resurfaces, Sean begins to suspect an affair.

For fifteen years Brooke has kept a shameful secret from everyone she loves. Only Alex knows the truth that drove them apart. His reappearance now threatens the life she has so carefully constructed and fortified by denial. With her marriage—and her emotional equilibrium—at stake, Brooke must confront what she has been unwilling to face for so long.

But the truth is not what Brooke believes it to be.

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