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I've called this blog "Travelin' Thoughts" in the past, because I kept it mostly as a journal to record impressions of new places and cultures. But in a way, it's still a place for traveling thoughts--ideas that move through and past me, and out into the world. Some of these are literary, some just about life. It's a good place to open up the conversation, and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Nail Biting Time

January 24, 2020

Actually, it's not true that I'm biting my nails. I am entirely thrilled to be on the short list for the Jordan Prize for Literary Excellence. I have won awards, failed to win awards, and judged awards, and one thing I know is that once you hit the top five, the judge has a tough decision that must rely, in the end, on his or her taste and inclination. So hearty congratulations to David Borofka, George Critchlow, Michelle Herman, and Maureen Stanton, in whose company I am honored to find myself. The Jordan Prize is a new award, offered by a new imprint, DLJ Books, headed by the renowned Allen Gee, at Columbus State University. With publication opportunities for literary work vanishing by the minute, we should all take a moment to be thankful for the folks who endow presses like these and carry on the great work of moving literature forward. In my case, the manuscript in question is a collection of stories all of which place their protagonists in environments you might call foreign -- sometimes literally so, but more often in the sense of not knowing what landscapes we may need to traverse as we travel through our lives.

And now -- enlivened by the shot of adrenaline this news has given me -- it's back to the blank page. Wish me luck with that, at least!

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