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I've called this blog "Travelin' Thoughts" in the past, because I kept it mostly as a journal to record impressions of new places and cultures. But in a way, it's still a place for traveling thoughts--ideas that move through and past me, and out into the world. Some of these are literary, some just about life. It's a good place to open up the conversation, and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Meditation on Pain

June 05, 2017

I'm delighted to be publishing the second of my new series of "meditations" in Prairie Schooner, a journal I admire greatly. I don't see the issue up online yet, but when it gets there, it will be at, and you may be able to read "Meditation on Pain" there. But I suggest subscribing!

I've put the word meditations in quotes above because I'm not entirely certain, myself, what form to assign these nonfiction pieces. They don't quite have the shape of essays or memoir. They are more ruminative, more impressionistic. I try to let my mind make its own connections, and to preserve the sense of those connections being made, on the page. They don't aim at conclusions so much as they circle around the topic, darting sometimes (I hope) into its heart and sometimes viewing it from the periphery, from places that seem at first to have little in common with what I'm on about. The first of these, "Meditation on a Rat," was published a little while back at American Scholar. I am now working on a new one, "Meditation on Middle G." Please don't tell me there is no Middle G. I already know (and at the same time, don't know) that!

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