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I've called this blog "Travelin' Thoughts" in the past, because I kept it mostly as a journal to record impressions of new places and cultures. But in a way, it's still a place for traveling thoughts--ideas that move through and past me, and out into the world. Some of these are literary, some just about life. It's a good place to open up the conversation, and I welcome your thoughts and comments.

A Sister to Honor on the Wiki

June 17, 2019

I love the way that visual storytelling and literary storytelling are beginning to blur lines. Today's mail brought the news that a wiki out of Los Angeles has named A Sister to Honor one of its top literary novels "confronting tough topics."

Not only is it fun and an honor to have such recognition, but also I find it fascinating to get a glimpse into a visual artist's view of the book. It doesn't matter whether the way I see my characters is the same way others see them. What comes across is the notion of conflict, which a quick image like this one (the center figure is meant to be my character Shahid) can convey without having to use a worn-out term like conflict.

I'm also delighted to be in the company of authors and books I love and highly recommend, especially Padma Viswanathan's The Ever After of Ashwin Rao and Christopher Scotton's The Secret Wisdom of the Earth. Brava to the videographers, and happy reading!

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