Lucy Ferriss

"Sad and soaring and sexy, these stories reveal fragmented and fragile lives, the way people live now.  Never easy choices, and never anything but lyrical, honest prose."

—Susan Straight, author of Between Heaven
and Here

Leaving the Neighborhood

The twelve stories in the award-winning collection Leaving the Neighborhood are variously concerned with departures -- physical, emotional, even philosophical. Yet few things in life are ever completely left behind. That which is unresolved remains. In each of these stories, men and women find themselves drawn into confrontations without knowing quite how they got there. As the consequences suddenly awaken their moral self-awareness, they face the task of recapturing and redefining the past in order to shape the future. For more reflections on Leaving the Neighborhood and the writing life, see my entry at Mid-List Press.

"Lucy Ferriss’s elegant and fearless Leaving the Neighborhood does what Raymond Carver said that short stories should do: tell us what everybody knows but nobody is talking about.  These stories speak hard, elusive truths about sex and marriage and family; no reader’s false pieties will be left unchallenged."

—Mark Winegardner, author of Crooked River Burning

"Ferriss’s strength as an author is her uncanny ability to layer so many emotions in her fiction….. This is a beautifully written collection, worthy of winning a prize."

Pioneer Press (Twin Cities)


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