Lucy Ferriss

"Beautiful…. This is a fine novel in its own right, with sympathetic, well-defined characters faced with impossible decisions and heartbreaking circumstances.  It goes beyond good storytelling, though, in its sensitive yet candid treatment of the ethical and emotional dilemma posed by the transfer of living organs."

The Advocate (TN)

Nerves Of The Heart: A Novel

In my fifth novel, published in 2001, nine-year-old Toby Ames is desperately in need of a heart transplant. His salvation comes in the form of Brooke Hunter, a young girl who died with her father in a motorcycle accident. But Toby’s new heart bring with it the demands of family, passion, and loss. Recognized by the Peter Taylor Prize in the Novel, Nerves of the Heart is the story of adults nursing old and new loves, and of the child who must shoulder the weight of their hurts and hopes.

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